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  • Three Widely-used Machines for Tape Production
  • BOPP coating machine is mainly used for BOPP coating. This tape production equipment enjoys a wide application range; and it can be designed according...
  • Characteristics & Uses of Inorganic Waterproof Glue
  • The most general waterproof glue used in construction industry is organic glue. The production process of this kinds of glue is quite complecated and the price is high...
  • Characteristics & Application of Pressure-sensitive Adhesives
  • The so-called pressure-sensitive adhesives can be used without solvents or heat. You only have to press the adhesive against some article, and the adhesives would stick to the surface....
  • Which Countries Produce Protective Film?
  • Protective film, though mainly originates from Japan, South Korea , and United States, is massively produced in China. There're more factories in China. Currently, Japan and South Korea mainly produce high-end...
  • Characteristics and Applications of Eco PET Tape
  • Eco PET tape is widely applied to many areas in industries. It's especially useful in profession of PCB board during impregnation process, preventing the circuit board from pollution. It's also...
  • How to Select Adhesives?
  • When you choose some adhesive, you'd better know the following details. 1. Properties of object which is to be sticked, including type of material, chemical properties (such as...
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    BOJIN is authorized agent of ELM tape dispenser which is famous brand Japanese tape dispenser. ELM reinforced tape dispenser serves production lines of various industries, such as Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Electronics, Clothing, Food and Agriculture, etc. It can increase production efficiency and output, decrease labor cost, decrease material cost due to reduced material loss, make a cleaner product image with straight definite length, and maintain material consistence. Now less stressful work will provide better working environment for the worker.
    Japanese ELM reinforced tape dispenser is good for environment with less tape loss, reducing waste and carbon dioxide. Check more details below now!

    Wide Carton Sealing Tape Dispenser ELM-1000

    Wide Carton Sealing Tape Dispenser ELM-1000Inquire Now
    Wide Carton Sealing Tape Dispenser ELM-1000 is from Japanese ELM reinforced tape dispenser. It's designed for carton sealing and other packaging use. This sealing tape dispenser c...
    [ Wide Carton Sealing Tape Dispenser ]

    Large Shipping Tape Dispenser MS-1100

    Large Shipping Tape Dispenser MS-1100Inquire Now
    MS-1100 large tape dispenser is ideal for medium production in many industries. This large shipping tape dispenser is able to cut tapes into an exact length, from 30mm to 999mm. C...
    [ Large Shipping Tape Dispenser ]

    Package OPP Tape Dispenser M-800

    Package OPP Tape Dispenser M-800Inquire Now
    M-800 Package OPP Tape Dispenseris designed for cutting thin and OPP tapes. It is no doubt the best OPP tape dispenser you should buy. This package tape dispenser 3 different leng...
    [ Package OPP Tape Dispenser ]

    Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser 3 Inch Core TDA-080

    Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser 3 Inch Core TDA-080Inquire Now
    Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser 3 Inch Core TDA-080 is one of BOJIN's heavy duty tape dispensers. This heavy duty 3 inch core tape dispenser can cut and dispenser adhesive or some non-a...
    [ Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser 3 Inch Core ]
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