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  • Q: What to do if the automatic tape dispenser is stuck by the tape?
    A: When the automatic tape dispenser is used for a period of time, the tape glue would stick the dispenser blade; and the machine would be stuck with tape in use. In order to wipe the glue, you can use a cloth soaked in gasoline or alcohol to wipe the blade, which would be much better. If the entire rotating disc can not stick, then please get some sticky tape on the disc and press it firmly until getting the dirt off. If the sealing tape dispenser fails in work, we should immediately switch off the power and take it for repair.

    Q: How long does a blade or a blade unit of ZCUT-9P last?

    A: It depends on how many tapes customer cuts in a day, and what kind of tape they are cutting. We have some expectations for how long a blade or a blade unit lasts, but it depends on types of machine. Please contact us for the details.

    Q: What kind of tapes can ZCUT-9P cut?
    A: Our products are designed to cut many kinds of tape, however, some of usable tapes may not cut depends on tape manufacturer. If you have decided what kind of tape to use, please feel free to contact us.

    Q: We understood that ZCUT-9P can be programed 12 different lengths, but what if we only need to use 4 lengths?
    A: You just need to set 4 lengths, and after that, set the rest of the programs(lengths) to be 0(zero).

    Q: How can we cancel the Cut in Order function?
    A: Please press and hold Auto/Manual button to cancel.