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  • Is Scotch Tape(Transparent Tape) Insulative? Tape Insulation Test

  • Is Scotch Tape(Transparent Tape) insulative? Generally the transparent tape sealing is designed for sealing use without any insulation function.

    What's Insulation Test? Insulation test refers to the test conducted periodically or upon request when electrical equipment is in operation. It's for "Preventive". The reason we should do "preventive" job is that early detection through insulation test would help to detect the insulation defects that may exist. If any defects detected, we can prevent the equipment from damage by effective repair or maintenance. Therefore, if you want to know whether the transparent tape insulative or not, please take insulation test. It plays a big role of accident prevention.

    Many operation experience shows that a number of power system accidents, in which up to 60%~80% are electrical insulation failure, are caused by the insulation problem. Therefore, the insulation test on electrical equipment is significant for a safe and reliable operation.

    Note: Do not use scotch tape(transparent tape) for any electric or electrical use unless you know whether it's insulative or or. Try to ask the factory for insulation information or buy tapes that are designed for insulation applications.
  • 2013/9/23
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