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  • The Wholesale Price of Transparent Tape

  • Currently the logistics industry, courier industry has a great demand of transparent sealing tape. As companies from these industries need to use transparent tape for sealing and packing goods, they usually will be buy and stock a large quantity from the market. Usually, the wholesale price of the transparent tape is based on the purchase quantity, which is the more the cheaper. Transparent tape business has a relatively big market, and the wholesale prices generally depends on the order.

    The wholesale price of transparent tape, whose thickness is 50cm, is now 0.94 yuan a square in domestic market. The price is calculated by the the width and length of the specific tape required. The price can be very flexible due to the thickness of the tape, delivery, and other value-added services.

    Based on the above information, the wholesale price of transparent tapes should be based on product thickness, membrane type, delivery and other factors. Different requirements lead to different prices.
  • 2013/9/10
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