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  • Operation & Installation of Automatic Tape Dispenser

  • Automatic Tape Dispenser, widely used in electronics industry production, greatly increases working efficiency. In order to remain our users more convenient to master tape dispenser installation and operation, we'd like to share some installation and use information.

    Before Installation:
    1. Place the electronic tape dispensers in a dry, clean and well-ventilated place.
    2. The device should be protected by accessing to earth line, which means the upcoming housing portion should be connected with the earth wire of three-phase, four wires (with power plug products which the factory has been inscribed).
    3. Normal power supply, and no excessive volatility phenomenon; otherwise the automated tape dispenser can not work normally.
    4. Installation Steps:
    a. connect the power line with a appropriately sized three-phase switching connector. The switch should be installed with normal fuse which can not be enlarged. Three-phase switch should be used by tape cutting machine exclusively.
    b. conncect the gas supply duct to the rear panel of the chassis cut filter regulator inlet end, in the face of the pressure gauge on the left connector.
    c. the cutting machine working ground chuck (cutting power supply positive output terminal) clamp the workpiece.

    Preparation Before Use:
    1. check whether the external power supply is ok.
    2. Inspect whether the earth wire is clamped to the device.
    3. Connect to the gas source, discharge water.
    4. Check whether the power switch is in the off position.
    5. When power supply master switch is closed, the fan start working. Pay attention to the wind, the wind should blow inwards, or it will shorten working time due to lack of ventilation for cooling the main transformer.
    6. Switch on the front panel power, the power indicator light. At this point the compressed air should flow from the torch. Note that the filter valve is 0.2-0.4 MPa gauge pointer position, if the pressure does not match, the gas flow should be the case; adjust the upper gauge pressure regulator knob clockwise to increase the pressure decrease and vice versa.
    7. Let the gas flow for several minutes to remove water vapor condensation in the torch.

    Operation Note:
    1. Connect the cutting torch and the workpiece, push the button for cutting. It will start cutting from the edge of the workpiece. It can can cut from any point if the material is not thick. point start cutting. Torch may be perpendicular to the workpiece or to the side slightly sloping, but in the workpiece center opening, the torch should be slightly tilted to one side in order to blow the molten metal, cut through metal.
    2. the handle button press and hold the main circuit is turned on, while high-frequency oscillator work until the cutting arc formation, high-frequency oscillator will stop working. Thereafter can rely on the torch moves to cut. While cutting lights.
    3. the cutting must be cut through the metal before being uniformly moving, otherwise it will damage the nozzle. Moving too fast or too slow will affect cutting quality.
    4. the cutting pressure adjustment: Cutting pressure is too high, the amount of traffic that will affect the cutting thickness. Cutting pressure over teenager would affect the nozzle life.
    5. Lift the torch away from the workpiece, you must send open hand button, then plasma arc extinguished, the cutting process is stopped.
    6. the cutting process, because the torch from the workpiece more than 2 mm and extinction, you need to re-arcing.
    7. because the connection is working too long causing the main transformer temperature exceeds 110 ℃, thermal protection switch operation, the device will automatically shut down, unable to start. Should be transformer cooling can be re-move.
    8. often exclude filter regulator in the water, is anticlockwise lowermost screws, remove water and then tighten. If the compressed air moisture too much, you should consider filter regulator and gas between the source and then applied a filter valve, otherwise it will affect cutting quality
    9. not for cutting the workpiece, as little as possible pressing the torch button, to avoid damage to machine pieces.
    10. cutting the workpiece is fully finished, cut off the power switch and gas supply valve.

  • 2014/3/27
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