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  • Why the tape cut by tape dispenser breaks?

  • One of my friend asked me this question. He told me that the tape cut from tape dispenser always breaks. He don't know why and how to solve the problem. I'd like to share some of ways which may be a help in case you may have the same confusion.

    Usually, it must be the blade position that cause the problem. You'd better check the screws which are designed for fixing and adjusting the blade of tape dispenser. There're many screws at the cutter. Correct the blade position to the same horizontal line, and try to cut again.

    If the problem is still not solved, please check the feeding speed. Try a different speed and check the situation. If it's not the speed problem, then you may check the blade quality. Buy and try a new blade for cutting. That will be better.

    The case I mention above is the general situation you should check. If it cannot solve the tape breaking problem, you'd better send the tape dispenser as well as the tape sample back to seller for a further check.

    BOJIN always suggest the right automatic tape dispenser to customers according to tape type and application. We has M1000 Electrical Tape Dispenser of which the cutting accuracy is +/-1mm, and definite length tape dispenser ZCUT-7 for exact cutting. If you don't know which tape dispenser to buy, please email us. We'll provide a good solution for your use.
  • 2017/4/13
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