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  • The Globalization of China's Packaging Machinery Industry

  • Up till now, China has been one of the world's major powers; and China's packaging machinery industry is now in its way to globalization.

    China is currently experiencing accelerated development process. China is a free and open market, and the U.S. always welcomes China Packaging Enterprises. The only problem is that when, in which way, and how China's packaging enterprises achieve a great success. Whether China packaging machinery would open the U.S. market depends on both the technology and the form of U.S. packaging machinery market.

    Through imitation, the introduction of technology and capital as well as global sourcing, etc., China's packaging machinery manufacture and design enjoys a rapid development. It's actually very easy for China's packaging machinery manufacturers to get some of key components from global sourcing, which may rapidly improve the products' technical level and reliability. Even though Chinese products, like automatic balers, labeling Machine, sealing machine, automatic tape dispenser and other equipment, would not compete with those of Germany, Italy, and Japan, China's low-tech products are able to meet the requirements of the U.S. market. In particular, the cost of some general type of packaging machinery, such as semi-automatic balers, wrapping machine, filling machine, labeling machine, sealing machine, vacuum packaging machines, and weighing / filling / sealing machine, is only the half of U.S. products.

  • 2013/8/21
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